Psi Brother Honored with Significant Sig Award

The Significant Sig Award is one of the Fraternity’s highest honors. It recognizes alumni members whose achievements in their fields of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi Fraternity has recognized more than 1,500 Brothers since the award’s inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter. Alumni in any profession, occupation, or philanthropic endeavor are eligible for consideration. Only living members of the Fraternity are considered for the award. Since its inception in 1935, eight Psi Chapter brothers have been honored with this award. This year, Brother Chris Nassetta ’84 joined this elite group.

Below are the list of Psi Brothers who have been named Significant Sigs.

1969: Dr. Joseph Vaughan ’26

1975: Howard McCall Jr. ’28

1983: Louis G. Fields Jr. ’51

2010: John Rogers ’61

2011: W. Scott Butler ’88

2011: Dr. Ashby Moncure ’60

2012: Thomas Shadyac ’80

2013: Chris Nassetta ’84

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