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The Chapter House at 608 Preston Place was built in the mid-1930s, and has been part of Psi’s legacy for sixty-five years, and it now has reached its useful end. While we continue to recruit and attract the top men at the University of Virginia, it is important that our House stays competitive with the facilities other fraternities are offering. Since the safety of our youngest Brothers should always be our top priority, it is time we provide them a safe and well-functioning home.
Given these immediate needs, the Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi House Corporation and the Psi Chapter undergraduates are proud to announce the Psi Chapter: Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future Capital Campaign to secure our continued success at the University of Virginia for decades to come. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it was determined a two million dollar renovation and expansion of our Chapter House was the most cost-effective option to ensure that 608 Preston Place continues to meet the needs of today’s undergraduate Brothers.
In the updated Psi Chapter House, we will provide a modernized facility that will create for the Active Brothers a safe home away from home and, for the Alumni Brothers, a home they can proudly come back to. To realize this dream, a Charlottesville architecture firm, Mitchell/Matthews, has been contracted to complete the project. Among many changes, the following deserve special notice:

  • Increased total square footage from 6,587 to 11,642.
  • New addition with dedicated social and activity space to include a Chapter room and  multi-purpose space with rear-facing outdoor terrace.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate 20-24 Brothers.
  • All new HVAC and energy-efficient design.
  • Completely renovated main house with new dining and kitchen facilities.


Phase 1 Completion


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Recent Donors

  • Ted Stimson ’98
  • Robert W. Hargett ’84
  • Alexander Cole ’04
  • Dick Flynt ’70
  • David Prochnow ’83
  • William O. Reeside Jr. ’77
  • Douglas Corrigan ’89
  • J. Michael Daniel ’58


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